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The First Touch by AdyDay

Aww! Very adorable! :)

It has a sweet, innocent feel to it all. I get the impression that those hands belongs to the father of the baby... a father's love, in which the heart the hands are forming clearly symbolizes.
I must say, that you did a great job with drawing the hands! You see, hands are really difficult to draw. I, and many other artists struggle with drawing them... If I had tried to draw this from a photo, it wouldn't end up as good as you did here! And I think the position of the hands here are rather hard to draw as well. Yes, they look very proportional.

The feet's looks soft and very round, I bet they belong to a baby that yet haven't taken its first steps.
...Look at those small toes! :love:

Alright, I think the drawing would've looked even better, if it got scanned, instead of photographed, because then you get a better vision of the drawing. But you might not own a scanner?
Also, I would've preferred the dark background to be more "smugded out". By that, I mean you basically blend it out with a blending stump, so there's no clear lines. Because if you take a close look at the drawing, you can see dark lines in the background, from different directions you've drawn with the pencil. A more soft, smoky background makes the foreground pop out even more, and will compliment it better, since they're already softly shaded.

Overall, great work!! :hug:
As I said, you made it better than if I would've drawn this.
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